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Britain & Ireland Explorer (Summer 2019)

13 days from London to London

Visiting: England, Ireland

Theme: Regional Journey

The leisurely pace and beauty of the Irish countryside blends with historic English towns, Welsh hospitality and the austere Scottish Highlands, for a truly memorable exploration of the British Isles.

Save up to $839*

From $4,063 AUD



Warsaw and the Baltic States (Summer 2019)

8 days from Warsaw to Tallinn (Estonia)

Visiting: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland

Theme: Regional Journey

Set out from Warsaw to explore the Baltic States, including the capitals Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius. Discover stylish, vibrant cafe societies with fascinating history.

Save up to $343*

From $2,372 AUD



Easy Pace Spain (Summer 2019)

10 days from Barcelona to Madrid

Visiting: Spain

Theme: Easy Pace

Relax and immerse yourself in three of Spain's most contrasting and cultural cities. Vibrant Barcelona, idyllic San Sebastián and historic Madrid

Save up to $476*

From $3,264 AUD



Glorious Switzerland (Summer 2019)

8 days from Geneva to Zurich

Visiting: Switzerland, Italy, Liechtenstein

Theme: Regional Journey

Discover a land of contrasting scenery, people and languages, offering a unique blend of interests and wonders.

Save up to $566*

From $3,250 AUD



Italian Elegance (Summer 2019)

12 days from Rome to Venice

Visiting: Italy

Theme: Country Roads

Experience the epitome of Italy’s historic cities, exquisite resorts, rustic towns and idyllic fishing villages.

Save up to $690*

From $4,480 AUD