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Mediterranean Highlights (Start Rome)

13 days from Rome to Madrid

Visiting: Italy, The Vatican, France, Monaco, Spain

Theme: Iconic Essentials

If you're quite fond of picturesque pebble beaches, sunset cocktails and eating enough antipasto to sink a small yacht, then congratulations! You are human. And you're going to love the Contiki Mediterranean Highlights. Kicking off in Rome, we will get very well acquainted with the best spots in Italy before cruising along the French Riviera then on to Barcelona and magical Madrid.

Save up to $716*

From $2,481 AUD



Cambodian Magic(Twin Room,Start Sihanoukville, End Sihanoukville)

8 days from Sihanoukville to Sihanoukville

Visiting: Cambodia

Theme: In-Depth Explorer

This is Cambodia as you've never experienced before. Think small towns, jungle islands and crystal clear waters all in eight days. You'll get to see Cambodia on a local level as you roam through peaceful fishing villages and pepper plantations.

Save up to $165*

From $1,134 AUD



European Adventurer

37 days from London to London

Visiting: England, France, Spain, Monaco, Italy, The Vatican, Greece, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Belgium

Theme: Iconic Essentials

Just how much of Europe can be conquered in just under 6 weeks? Pretty much all of it according to the European Adventurer. This trapeze through 17 countries will see you cross borders by ferry, picnic in French vineyards, visit crumbling heritage towns in Croatia & party in Amsterdam. Not a precious second will be wasted.

Save up to $1,538*

From $6,291 AUD