Based in Melbourne, Australia

  • Age Range 15-70
  • Specialists in 'Small Group Tours'
  • Tour Leaders are Born & Bred in the Region
  • Catering for All Ages, Singles, Partners or Friends
  • 1000's of Itineraries to suit any Budget

Intrepid travel to over 120 Countries and are famous for being the Worlds Largest Small Group Adventure Travel company. Intrepid is a specialist in Small Group Tours, with over 1500 itineraries worldwide. With an average Group Size of 10, it's tours are intimate and cater for all budgets, ages and active levels. Each Intrepid Tour Guide is born and bred in the region and hence has an extensive in depth knowledge of the local area. From backstreet bars, to hidden galleries and secluded swimming spots, your guide will take you on a journey only a local can do.

Why Choose Intrepid?

Because you're looking for a Smaller Group to take you behind the scenes for a tour like none you've ever experienced. An intimate experience with a guide who know's what they're talking about.

Small Group Tour Specialists

Intrepid are one of the best Small Group tour operators in the world. Starting way back in the 80's with a small group of travellers and a local guide, the company hasn't changed much since then, except fine tune their tour experiences and become better at what they do.

Real Life Experiences

The real magic of travel happens off the beaten track. Whether that's stumbling on a hidden noodle bar, or taking part in a local festival dance. A Google search can uncover only so much, it's the real world experiences that make travel what it is.

Balanced Travel

Intrepid knows that everyone needs a bit of group time, and a bit of me time. Hence the itineraries are built around catering for both. As each tour is built around catering for an average of 10 people, you'll be able to get the best of both worlds and not feel like you're just a number.

Age is no barrier

Make lifetime friends with people of all ages. Whether you're young at heart or an adventurous twenty something each tour is considerate of every age bracket.

Single Travellers Encouraged

Whether you're a Single, Couple or Travelling with Friends, family or other Intrepid caters for all. Singles can even save money if matched to bunk with someone of the same sex. But don't worry, if you want your own room, you can pay a single supplement for most trips.

Local Guides

The Intrepid philosophy stands that only a local can truly understand the place in which you are visiting, hence all of their tours are led by local guides. What better way to get a insight into the local region than to be shown around by a local!


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